It’s holiday season and for us gym bunnies its time to relax and enjoy the holiday. However, we also don’t want to deviate completely from our workout routine, because it will be a bit difficult for our bodies to re-adjust quickly again. In this article we will be discussing a few tips to help keep you fit and on track with your workout routine during the Easter Holidays. Don’t forget to share and like the article if it was informative to you.

    1. Take that Walk

    A really good way to get a feel and better understanding of an area is to take some time and walk around to see and learn a few things. If you are visiting a new place for the Easter weekend take some time alone or with your family and friends to walk around the area. You will be exercising by walking for a few km’s but at the same time you will be exploring the area and getting to know it better.

    Are you staying home for the holidays??? No train smash, walking around in your neighborhood can also be a brilliant idea. Remember you normally just rushing to get to school or work but never really notice if there’s any changes or developments. Now is your opportunity to revisit your own hood and see if its still the same or there’s some improvements, you can also use this opportunity to greet your neighbors and build new relationships.

    2. Go for a run by the beach

      I know it sounds a bit cliché but trust me the feeling is amazing. The fresh breeze and the view when running by the beach is amazing, especially during sunrise or sunset. This will help you keep fit while enjoying the view and seeing the area better if you are visiting a new location.

      To make it more difficult try running on either the dry or wet sand, this will ensure that you put in extra strength and effort.

      3. Take the stairs and not the lift

        If you have booked into a hotel or even a B & B or lodge and there is a lift and stairs, always take the stairs and not the lift.

        The walking up and down the stairs will add a bit of strain on your legs thus giving you an exercise. To make it a bit more difficult when going up try to take two steps at a time instead of one this will increase the strain because it will be like you are taking a lunge up the stairs.

        I use this step technique if I’m lazy to go to the gym and it really works believe me.

        4. Park your car further than the building

          This you can even use for every day at work, instead of parking right next to the entrance door park a few meters further down. These few minutes of walking from and to the hotel will make a difference and will help keep you fit during your holiday.

          5. Do as much as you can

            When on holiday try to do as many active activities as possible, this will help keep you moving and will consecutively keep you in shape for the next few days that you spend on holiday.

            Activities like hiking, mountain climbing, ice-skating, sand boarding, bowling and the works will all help to keep your body in shape during your Easter holiday vacation.

            6. Swimming

            by the beach or in the pool provides a very good exercise for your body as a whole. This is another activity you can do for fun as well as keeping fit during your Easter Holiday.

            Swim for at least twenty minutes or more to count it as a good exercise in your books.


            Always keep hydrated when traveling and try to always health healthy. Even if you spend your long weekend in church, you can still employ some above activities to keep you fit. Always remember that fitness is not only for weight loss or just muscle gain, it also helps keep you alert and keeps your body healthier for longer. Enjoy your Easter holidays. If you have any exercise tricks you used to keep fit during your vacation, don’t hesitate to leave it on the comment section below I would love to hear from you.

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