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Fittin Racerback Sports Bra Product Review

Fittin Racerback sports bra is one of the trending sports bras available on Amazon at an affordable price for a branded sports bra. This spots bra elaborates on it’s benefits as well as disadvantages, in this review I will discuss the pro’s and con’s which I hope will help you with deciding on buying the product and trying it out yourself.

An important factor to remember is that when buying any gym clothing, always remember to check if the material is breathable and of course it needs to be smooth and soft for increased comfort.

This Fittin Racer sports bra seems to be ticking all the boxes according to customers who have tried the product.  Plus it is one of the top trending sports bras on the market.


  • It accommodates low-medium compact
  • It has pull-over bra with wider shoulder straps and a racer back for a supportive pulling lift
  • A wider center gore, stretch band and wireless design providing a smooth plus flattening look
  • Deep plunge detail with skinny racer back for enhanced mobility
  • Padded bra with removable breast pads
  • Made from breathable material
  • Available in a different color
  • Available in a larger size range


Made from breathable material which will repel sweat from your body during  an exercise routine, leaving you feeling more dry for longer. This product had a larger color range which will allow you to pick a color that suits your style and personality.

It does not only have a larger color selection range but it also has a reasonable size range as well.

The design features mentioned above makes the bra design more comfortable and counts it as one of the good bras to try for your gym bra collection.


The downside of the Fittin Racerback bra is that it has band straps that are not adjustable, so for instance I’m skinny so normally if I buy clothes I always need to make minor adjustments to improve my comfort. If you have a similar problem or just generally want a bra with adjustable straps you might want to try another sports bra.

Another problem is that it works well for sizes A,B and C, which then cuts out my plus size ladies. I will however find a product that will cater for you ladies soon and upload a review, for now click on the link if you need a plus size.

One last thing just to point out is that it is a low-medium compact sports bra, so if you are going to be doing high impact exercises you might want to look at another product that caters for high impact exercises.

Enjoy Working Out More

Enjoy your time at the gym more comfortably with the Fittin Racerback sports bra, remember you are more productive at the gym when you are wearing suitable clothing. Investing in a sports bra will help reduce soreness around your breast or even breast soreness after your gym routine. Get yours today as

Another advantage of a sports bra is that you can use it on a daily basis as well for improved comfort.

If you any questions or comments please leave them on the comment section below, would like to engage with you.

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