Hello ladies, quick question, Have you tried a sports bra ? If yes, please leave a comment after the article, for recommendations as well as warnings for us to be alert of. If, you haven’t tried one as yet, this article will help enlighten you on some options available to try as well as some experiments I’ve conducted to help you decide.

One of my friends asked me to write an article about my opinion on the use of sports bras, I personally don’t have experience as yet with a proper sports bra but I’m planning on investing in one then I will drop a review for you ladies. Before I start explaining my experiments, I will highlight something very important. Remember to always check the material on the clothes tags to ensure you buy a fabric that has a wicking effect.

Always run away from cotton, as mentioned in our previous posts as it retains all your seat.

Going To Gym Without a Bra

So for the past four days that I’ve been going the gym I decided to try going to gym without a bra for two days, just to get a feel of how it’s like. Believe me it was not one of my best decisions, ladies even if you wear a size 32A like me you will still feel a lot of discomfort if you go to gym without a bra.

Everything is just everywhere, I ended up not finishing my workout because of the discomfort. My breasts were literally moving around which ended up causing a weird pain after the workout session. It also does not look appealing from a viewers point of view.

During a workout session you want everything to be confined so that you can focus your energy to the workout routine and not your appearance. So you want fitting shoes, clothes as well a right fitting and appropriate bra.

Going To Gym Wearing My Normal Bra

For the last two days of the four-day experiment, I decided to wear my normal daily bra to gym. Quick reminder our normal bras are not designed for high impact as well as resistance for gym. So that day, when I was headed for the gym everything was all good and I was ready to start my session.

About 20 minutes into the session, the bra started causing some unwanted discomfort. I ended up working on my legs only and not my upper body, this was as a result of increased discomfort when doing upper body exercises.

Fortunately I was able to finish the workout session, however, I was not happy with how my breast area was feeling. Almost a similar pain occurred after the session as when I didn’t wear a bra at all. Only difference was this time around, it was as if the bra left an engraving on my body, you do not want that feeling. It’s not the best of feelings.

My Very Old Sports Bra

For my normal gym sessions I use a very old gym bra that I used in high school for my workout sessions. It is ideally not the best bra on the market currently but it gets the job done. The fabric is softer and it does not have any bra wires that our daily bra usually has.

The fabric feels good on your skin, solely because it was designed exactly for the very purpose I’m using it for, which is going to the gym. It does not have adjustable strands so I can’t adjust it as I wish, however because it fits me perfectly I don’t really need the adjusting strands.

It is not a uni boob bra so I absolutely love it, because if you a size 32A a uni boob sports bra will make you feel like you have no boobs. That’s why I will never go for a uni-boob sports bra, even if I was upgrading my current bra, I would go for a similar design.

There is a large range of sports bras available at different stores as well as on Amazon, I will link some pictures for you to see what amazon has to offer in their range.

Your Choice for Your Comfort

If you wish to try out the experiments, feel free to do so and let me know how it went. In the end of it all it will be up to you if you want to try a sports bra and have increased comfort and a happy exercise routine. Or you want to keep it to your daily bra and experience some discomfort during your gym session.

Below is a list of sports bra benefits:

  • Increased comfort
  • Compression fabric allows you to stay dry for longer
  • The material is designed for high impact and resistance
  • It will also improve your overall appearance a lady, no more nasty stares
  • Reduces breast pain
  • They are trending a lot lately, some people were them as crop tops as well
  • They can reduce long-term sagging

Before I Leave You

It is important to understand the significance of using the right clothes for the right occasions. Try out the sports bra and experience a more comfortable and more productive gym session. Remember you can use them for gym as well your normal daily purposes as they also have more benefits in daily life as well.

An example would be reducing long-term sagging, improved comfort as well as use after surgical procedures or accidents.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you.

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