If, you are a guy that just recently started gym or just looking to add a few new items to your gym bag, then you are in the right place. This article is going to give you an overview of the appropriate clothes you can wear to the gym or whenever you decide on taking a jog. As I’ve mentioned in the previous articles it is of paramount importance to dress appropriately for every occasion. Honestly speaking, you will not wear your a suite for a day at the beach.

The same principle applies for the gym, if you wear the right clothes that are specially designed for the gym, you will have a productive and happy session at the gym. Going back to our beach scenario, for your active wear you will have for example training trousers and a top as the swim shorts and top, you will then add a gym bag with your accessories as your sunglasses and some beach extras. With those you will be good to go!!

Before we get into the different pieces you can use to create your gym outfit, lets have a quick discussion on materials. What is the best material to pick for your gym clothes? If, you’ve been keeping up with the previous articles you’d know the answer by now, Polyester or Lycra or Spandex or Nylon are all the materials you will have to look for when buying your gym clothes. You will find these on the material and washing instructions tag on the clothing.

Please stay away from cotton, I cannot stress this enough. Cotton is a fabric that absorbs moisture into the material and retain it, which will make your clothes heavy and cause an amount of strain on you. While polyester and the other materials mentioned above have a “wicking effect”. This means they do not retain moisture instead they repel it, which will leave you feeling dry for longer.

The clothes with the polyester and the other materials are a bit more expensive but investing in those will be worth it. To see the difference you can try it out yourself, get some gym clothes with the above mentioned materials. Use them at the gym and use cotton on another, then compare the experience and please leave me a comment below. Try compression clothes today and see the difference yourself.


There is a large range of male trousers available in the market, ranges from branded to non-branded trousers. As well as more expensive to cheaper ones. If, you a long pants type of guy then these are your go to gym bottoms, as these are designed specifically for gym purposes.

As with any other gym clothing I still emphasize checking if your item has the important materials. It will not only help with comfort but will leave your body feeling good and not to drained or heavy after an exercise. There is variety of trousers, some guys prefer tights(which look almost like the ladies leggings), others prefer track pants or even comfortable training sweat pants. It is definitely all up to you.

Gym Tops

On a hot summer day most guys prefer having a vest or male tank tops on for their gym session. While some guys prefer vests, T-shirts, or tank tops on any given day. The tops may be short sleeves or long sleeves it’s really all up to you and it’s all for your convenience.

I recommend that you find something that suits your personality and get colors that you like as well will be very comfortable with. If, you don’t have tops yet or would like to add more there is always a variety available at your disposal.

Gym Shorts

If, you are a guy who is somewhat like me not in a bad way, just a guy who prefers wearing shorts to gym then do just that. I believe shorts allows more air and more breathable than other gym pants, that’s basically my belief.

I always recommend short tights if you wear shorts, there are male tights available or you can buy a gym underwear to increase comfort.


Trainers are very important, please do not go to gym if you don’t have even a basic cheap pair of trainers. If, you use any other shoes for gym you will end up with a lot of unwanted injuries, and I do not want that to be you.

My advice to you would be to invest in a quality branded pair of trainers for your workout sessions, and use it just for that. It should be able last you a good 2 years or more.

Also invest in a good pair of socks as well as a sole to increase comfort and stability. Which will ultimately reduce knee and ankle injuries.Remember even your should preferably have some polyester material in them.


There are always accessories needed, remember the clutch bag and make-up from the “attending a friends wedding” scenario? At the gym you will need some accessories to complete your overall look basically, as per the example.

Below I will mention a few accessories I feel every woman needs for the gym:

  • A gym bag to pack all your accessories and your stuff
  • iPod or cellphone with your Bluetooth headphone/earphones, your earphones/ headphones must be water resistance preferably
  • A bottle of water or shaker
  • Toiletries and shower shoes if you shower at the gym
  • A snack or energy bar
  • Heart monitor and fitness tracker(app)
  • Lifting gloves, they help protect your hands during heavy lifting exercises thus decreasing blisters and excessively painful hands.
  • Weight lifting belt, this belt is worn around your waist and help reduce injuries and maximizes your performance. They support your back, while providing you with undisturbed mobility.

Take Home Message Gents

First and foremost please wear appropriate gym clothes for gym gents for improved progress and better results. Secondly please please buy clothes that have polyester nylon, or spandex so that your gym clothes will not end up causing strain on you because of retained sweat.

Lastly all the best for your gym career, if this article was helpful please like or share. If, you fell we missed anything please leave a comment below.

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