If you a guy that’s currently investing their time in the gym, it’s about time you start wearing the right gear that’s if you are not already doing that. This article will highlight the different men’s pants available on the market currently. A men’s gym pants review will be linked to this article once its out.

As individuals, we have different preferences some guys prefer wearing long pants while others prefer wearing shorts. I always recommend that you try out both, then see which pants style you prefer. Then just buy long or short as your option going forward.

Below we will look at some gym pants options that are currently available on the market today.


There are different type of track pants available out there. Be it online or at a sports shop near you. There are also a large range of fabrics available as well, you can get your 100% polyester tracksuits or cotton or other fabrics on the market.

I always recommend that you check the material section of your fabric and check if it has a higher percentage of the spandex or polyester material. It always helps with comfort as well apart from just repelling sweat.


These are one design that designers got right in my opinion, I personally like male sweatpants myself. They look very comfortable in my opinion, if you are a baggy pants type of guy then this your go to area.

There are also a different type of sweatpants, some prefer tight fitting pants while others are more baggy. Choosing the right type for yourself is very important, especially for the gym workout routine you want to carry out at the gym.

If you will be doing a lot of arms lifting and working on your abs then sweatpants can work for you. However, if you want to do a full workout routine that is intense, I would recommend getting at least tight fitting sweatpants or your regular gym shorts.

Remember all I want is for you gents to hit the gym in style and still be safe to avoid injuries during your workout sessions.

Due to increased comfort with sweatpants most guys wear them on a daily basis as just normal daily clothing for warmth.


Honestly I was very confused between joggers and sweatpants, in my opinion it looks like the same thing. The difference between joggers and sweatpants is that joggers are meant for jogging primarily, so they are thin and breathable, while sweatpants are thicker and mostly used for warmth.

So if you are more inclined to jogging be it on a treadmill or at the park then joggers are you recommended option.

Running Tights

There is a new trending style on the market these days, called male running tights. These are like our normal ladies tights made from compression fabrics specifically for men. They look like gym leggings, some guys wear them individually while others wear it under their gym shorts.

These will help for increased comfort when doing your workout routine as well as when jogging.

Important Reminder

before I leave you, a quick reminder to always look at the materials the clothing you buying is made from, always opt for clothes that have spandex or polyester or nylon. As these are your compression fabrics which will repel sweat when you exercise.

Another important factor is to always buy what you ind comfortable, I always recommend trying out a couple options then making an informed decision as to which gym clothing will work well for you, your body and your personality.

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