Exercising is good for our bodies and overall health as preached by our doctors daily. Exercising does not only help keep your body fit, it also lightens up your mood and eases stress. It can also help you loose some belly fat, abdominal fat, basically loose weight in general or just to keep your body ft and healthy.

This is what happens to your body when your start exercising, your muscle strength and endurance improves, depending on the exercise routine your employ as well as your goal but your overall muscles can also increase. However different exercises target different parts of your body, thus producing different outcomes. Some exercises target endurance while others aim at increasing the muscle size.

There are tow basic types of exercises!

  1. Endurance exercises: These type of exercises help improve your endurance during a workout, they include running or cycling.
  2. Resistance exercises: These type of exercises include moving your muscles while lifting some weight, they result in bigger or larger muscles. They include body building which is essentially weighted lifting.

The benefits of endurance exercises

Endurance exercises enlarges your heart muscles so than your heart can pump blood faster around your body. This helps a lot if your exercise regularly, it also helps patients who have heart conditions.

They also increase lung capacity, so your can breathe in more oxygen with each breath. Improves your digestion process. Makes your metabolism rate more efficient.

It also strengthens your skeleton as well as muscles, making your muscles stronger. While improving your overall coordination as well.

***It will however not make your muscles bigger***

The benefits of resistance exercise

This type of exercises focus on increasing muscle size thus it is normally used by body builders or people who want to gain some muscle. Body building exercises include lifting weights, can be weights for your arms or your legs.

When lifting weights your muscles contract as hard as they can, resulting in an increase in the number of contractile filaments within your muscle cells.this enlarges your muscle cells resulting in bigger muscles.

**It however does not improve endurance**

Endurance and resistance combined

Certain exercises however include both endurance and resistance, an example would be swimming. If your do both endurance and resistance exercises your body will be more or less balanced. However, it is totally up to your as to which part of your body your want to focus on as well your body goal.

Summary of what happens during an exercise

During an exercise energy in your body is directed to your muscles. All the other systems in your body focus their efforts on helping your muscles. That way every other system in your body either slows down or works for your muscles.

Your heart beats faster which is more than 72 beats per minute thus, allowing more blood to be pumped to your muscles for more oxygen and nutrients supply.

Your digestive system slows down allowing more energy to go to your muscles. The respiratory system which is responsible for breathing, works harder increasing your breathing rate, allowing for more oxygen into your body and more carbon dioxide out of your body.

Your Brain

When your start exercise your heart rater increases, the brain sees this as a stress, it thinks your either fighting an enemy or running away from it. To protect your body and brain from stress, your release a protein called Brain-Derived Neorotrophic Factor (BDNF). This BDNF has a protective and also reparative element to your memory neurons and acts as a reset switch. That’s why we usually feel so at ease and like things are clearer after exercising.

At the same time, another chemical to fight stress called endorphins are released in your brain. Your endorphins main purpose are to minimize pain and discomfort during an exercise, they basically make us happy giving off a euphoric kind of feeling.

Your brain will function at a higher level when your exercise because of the increased oxygen supply to the brain from the stronger heart.

Your Skeletal Muscles

As your start exercising your skeletal muscles initially tear because of the intense muscle construction. After a week or two of consistent exercising the muscle soreness gets better as the muscles heal. During this healing period I advise to stretch your legs and arms at least twice a day and keep hydrated as than remedy worked for me.

After the muscles are done with healing process they will then become bigger and stronger. This will in turn reduce unwanted fat and give your than toned fit body your working towards.

Your Body Systems

The two most important systems in your body are your cardiovascular system and respiratory system. The cardiovascular system is made by your heart and blood vessels. This system pumps more blood and nutrients to your muscles during your exercise.

The respiratory system made up of your lungs and throat, this system helps to increase oxygen into the body and releases more carbon dioxide from your body.

Exercising regularly will also benefit the above mentioned systems in the following ways. It will increase your heart size which will increase oxygen and nutrient distribution to the body as needed by your body. It will also increase your lung capacity which will result in increases oxygen intake for your body.

Know the Facts

As elaborated in the article there are a lot of great benefits exercising has on your body. It will not only make your body sexy and fit the way your want it but it will also keep your body healthy and happy.

If your feel we missed something, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Christen · March 3, 2019 at 7:44 am

It’s quite amazing to see how exercising frequently can have such a positive impact on the body – even on your brain! This is quite a motivating post, and will help me stay focused on my regular exercise plan.

    Nomthandazo · March 3, 2019 at 7:50 am

    Hey Christen
    Thank you for visiting my website and for the comment. I am glad it could help motivate you to focus on your regular exercise.
    I will also check out your blog. I hope my content will continue to keep you informed.


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