Hello ladies, we meet again this article is just going to give you an overview of the appropriate active wear clothes you can wear to the gym. As I’ve mentioned in the previous articles it is of paramount importance to dress appropriately for every occasion.

Honestly speaking, you will not wear your PJs to a friends wedding, however you will wear a dress and heels for example with some make-up and a clutch bag.

The same principle applies for the gym, if you wear the right clothes that are specially designed for the gym, you will have a productive and happy session at the gym.

Going back to our wedding scenario, for your active wear you will have leggings and tank top as the dress and heels, you will then add a gym bag with your accessories as the clutch bag and make. With those you will be good to go!!

Before we get into the different pieces you can use to create your gym outfit, lets have a quick discussion on materials. What is the best material to pick for your gym clothes?

If you’ve been keeping up with the previous articles you’d know the answer by now, Polyester or Lycra or Spandex or Nylon are all the materials you will have to look for when buying your gym clothes. You will find these on the material and washing instructions tag on the clothing.

Please stay away from cotton, I cannot stress this enough. Cotton is a fabric that absorbs moisture into the material and retain it, which will make your clothes heavy and cause an amount of strain on you.

While polyester and the other materials mentioned above have a “wicking effect”. This means they do not retain moisture instead they repel it, which will leave you feeling dry for longer.

The clothes with the polyester and the other materials are a bit more expensive but investing in those will be worth it. To see the difference you can try it out yourself, get some gym clothes with the above mentioned materials.

Use them at the gym and use cotton on another, then compare the experience and please leave me a comment below.


If you are the kind of lady who prefers something that fully covers their body and still shows off your sexiness then for you leggings are your go to bottoms. There are different legging designs and colors, it is always up to you to choose the style that suits your personality.

Active Shorts

If you are like me and like shorts, then there’s an option for you as well. There is an also a large range of different designs and colors that will suit your personality amazingly, leaving feeling sexy and all. When buying shorts try to also get short tights, they help improve your comfort, but as I’ve said before is totally up to you.

Sports Bra

Investing in a good quality sports bra could be one of the best decisions you can make for your body and your overall gym career. Not only is it uncomfortable to use your normal bra it also causes some weird pain I found. I will however elaborate on that on our next blog post.

Remember to get the right size and the important materials like polyester must be in there for increased comfort. Don’t forget you start sweating from the inner layers all the way to the outer layers, so you’d most probably want that bra to also repel as much sweat as possible.

Sport Crops

Crop Tops one of the most popular clothing style lately. Fortunately for you active wear crop tops are now available in all sports clothing shops if I’m not mistaken, I stand to be corrected. I know they have the bra crops as well the half a vest type of crop tops.

Get that crop and build on your gym outfit pieces. So now we have leggings or shorts, a sports bra and if you like crop tops, you’ve just added them onto the list.

Active Tops

In this category we have a few to mention, these include tank tops, vests and T-shirts. As mentioned earlier everything is totally up to you, there is an unlimited range of these tops.

I personally like tank tops in this category, but unfortunately for me I bought it before I knew about the disadvantages of cotton wear at the gym. I am however planning on investing in one with some polyester or any of the other materials.


Trainers are very important, please do not go to gym if you don’t have even a basic cheap pair of trainers. If you use any other shoes for gym you will end up with a lot of unwanted injuries, and ladies I do not want that to be you.

So I advise that yo invest in a quality branded pair of trainers for your workout sessions, and use it just for that. It should be able last you a good 2 years or more. Also invest in a good pair of socks as well as a sole to increase comfort and stability. Which will ultimately reduce knee and ankle injuries.

Track Suits & Sweatpants

Some ladies prefer wearing sweatpants or tracksuits then change when they get to gym. If you that person then do you Boo get yourself a good quality pair of tracksuits or a sweat pant and rock it with your head held high.

However, I do not advise to work out in your sweatpants or track pants unless you just jogging or doing workouts that follow the same kind of pattern. It is always advisable to use your leggings or shorts for your full workout sessions.

There are however some tight fitting pants and I would assume you’d be able to use them, if you do use them or know someone who uses them successfully please share on the comment section below.


There are always accessories needed, remember the clutch bag and make-up from the “attending a friends wedding” scenario? At the gym you will need some accessories to complete your overall look basically, as per the example.

Below I will mention a few accessories I feel every woman needs for the gym:

  • A gym bag to pack all your accessories and your things in
  • an iPod or cellphone with your Bluetooth headphone/earphones, your earphones/ headphones must be water resistance preferably
  • A bottle of water or shaker
  • Toiletries and shower shoes if you shower at the gym
  • A snack or energy bar
  • Heart monitor and fitness tracker(app)

Take Home Message Ladies

To sum it up, as the beautiful ladies that you are, I’m sure you always want to look and feel good. Using the clothes pieces above you can now build your gym outfit if you don’t have it as yet, or perhaps add on your existing outfit.

Remember to always check the materials for maximum for comfort and productivity in your gym career. Always have a goal and a plan to achieve it. All the best with your body goals ladies.

If you like or feel like we missed something, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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