Hey everyone today we will be looking at some exercises you can try out as a beginner at the gym. I personally started my gym career at the beginning of this year as well, I won’t lie I sometimes had no idea what I was doing. That’s why I definitely understand how frustrating it may feel at the beginning sometimes.

I will share with you some few tricks and tips you can use to kick start your exercise routine on a good note. Remember I am not a gym expert, so you may still need to consult your personal trainer to help you draw up your daily gym routine.

Set Your Goals

As you begin your gym career you need to know what you want to achieve, this will help keep you on track and motivated. So first things first, draft down those goals and ensure that they are achievable and realistic. For example, I wanted to grow my butt a little and to work on my legs as well, that was the goal I wanted to achieve.

You may want to grow your butt, make your body firm, body building, work on having abs or toning your body. It is all absolutely up to you, when setting your goals have a predicted timeline or just the time at which you would want your goal to be achieved by.

Setting your goals will also help you and your personal trainer to determine which exercises you should do as well as which part of your body to focus on.

Get Your Proper Gear On

It is very important to have the right clothes for your workout routine, I can’t stress this enough. This will help reduce injuries and it will also increase your comfort during your workout session. If you start off and don’t have the correct gym gear, I forgive but try to get them as soon as possible.

Also always remember when getting those endure that the material is spandex, nylon or polyester for increased sweat repellent properties. These can be in your favorite colors and you get to pick which ones you want for your body, choose anything that suits your personality.

You can check out the following articles to help you decide on what to wear: Ladies- https://gymclothings.com/womens-active-wear-what-to-i-wear-to-gym/

Gents you’ll can checkout the following article to help you decide on what to wear at the gym- https://gymclothings.com/mens-active-wear-what-can-i-wear-to-gym/

My Beginner Routine

The first few things I started doing were jogging outdoors, then sometimes I would hit the gym but I only did the treadmill and the cycle. Those helped me get used to going to the gym more regularly, but because I’m a bit lazy I started real small, I went to the gym once a week for like a month.

After that I sat down and figured out my goals, then I started searching for routines I could use from the comfort of my room. For a month a followed the routine on the picture.

This is what I recommend for you, male or female: At Home
  • First start with a 5-minute warm up session, you can jog on the spot or walk around.
  • Do at least 8 sets of the following exercises then you can increase accordingly.

Try Them:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Wall Push-Ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Side Lunge

Apps To Try

Online and on the phone store there are a ton of free apps you can download for your workout routine. The one I use is called Buttocks Workout you can get if for free on android, I am not to sure about Istore.

workout app


In conclusion, as a beginner don’t be too worried about getting everything right on the word go. Take it one step at a time and you slowly get to your goal.

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